The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Sumner

Pastor, Head of Staff since September 1985; preaches; plans and leads worship, teaches, gives pastoral care and counseling, presides at weddings and funerals, moderates the Session.

The Rev. Dr. Radford Rader

Parish Associate since March, 2019. Assists in all pastoral needs.

Jim & Denise Mueller

Youth leaders since 2019.

Norton Christeson

Director of Music since August 2013; directs the church choirs and music programs.

Kendra Cochenour

Organist/Pianist since September 2001; provides music for worship, weddings, and funerals; accompanies soloists, ensembles, and choirs.

Mary Ann Sumner

Director of Christian Education since January 2006; provides leadership for the Christian Education program, creates and implements Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, InSpired Together events, and the Westminster Institute in conjunction with the Christian Education Committee. She also oversees our “Knee Mail” online prayer ministry, and our “Town Crier” weekly...

Kristin Downer

Secretary since April 2011; coordinates office activities including printing and assembling bulletins and newsletters,  handles office requests received by phone, online, or in person, and oversees office equipment and information storage. She also handles our website and assists the financial secretary when needed.

Janet Lindfors

Financial Secretary since October 2006; receives and records pledges; sends out periodic financial statements to members and other contributors, counts and deposits money received.

Sherry Argenbright

Nursery Director since July 2013; directs the nursery regarding the care of young children, sanitation of the facility, and welcoming parents.

Denise Mueller

Nursery Teacher since May 2003 and Youth Leader since March 2019; is an integral part of a team that cares for young children, sanitizes the facility, and welcomes parents.

Aileen Vargas

Nursery Teacher since January 2014; is an integral part of a team that cares for young children, sanitizes the facility, and welcomes parents. She is also bi-lingual: English and Spanish.

Donald Coleman

Custodian since October 1985; sets up and re-sets tables and chairs; cleans floors, removes garbage, cleans all areas of the facility as needed, and works at weddings in conjunction with the pastors.

Linda Jacobs

Church Librarian since 2018; manages the onsite collection and online listings.