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Worship Services

During the months of September through May, Sunday services are held at 8:45 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.
During summer months, one service is held every Sunday at 10:00. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is received the first Sunday of each month.



Pastoral Prayer


O holy God, as we move toward that holy night called Christmas Eve, we do so with the clatter of commercialism, the clamor of political debates, and the unsettling daily news about people mentally unstable or those brainwashed by a bent religious fervor harming others. We ask “What is this world coming to?” And you respond, “It’s the way the world, was—filled with tyrants, and killings, and hunger—even when I created a new plan; a new covenant, one that tempted human beings could not break.”

So you made a plan, O God; a plan to see what it was like to be tempted the way mortals were. You called on a lovely and innocent girl—Mary—to be part of Heaven’s plan to save the world. And so a magnificent but daring arrangement was agreed upon by the Almighty and Mary: she would conceive by the Holy Spirit, and give birth to a son who would be later called Son of Man and Son of God. And you thought of everything, even sending an angel, according to Matthew, to explain the plan to the man who would become Jesus’s stepfather- Joseph. That night, shepherds—people perpetually in the lower class of society—and later magi or kings—people in the upper class of society—made their way to see this new born king. What a wondrous event!

O God of the past, present and the future; remind us that you are still with us; that you have not taken your power eternally back to Heaven; that you grieve when we grieve and rejoice when we rejoice! We pray for those empowered in our world to make a difference for the better. We offer ourselves to others who need comfort. And we give our thanks for blessings both small and great.

Please note the people for whom we have prayed this season. Help us to see how we can be the heart, hands, and eyes of Christ for others. And as we think about gifts given and received, we thank you for the greatest gift of all, Jesus, born in Bethlehem long ago. We are grateful. In the name of Jesus our Savior.


Jeffrey A. Sumner




Our ministers not only provide a sermon for the adults each week, they also create a "Children's Message" to make sure that all our guests, regardless of their age, are treated to the same message.  Click HERE to experience one of our Children's Messages ...


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Mission Statement

"Our Church exists to glorify and worship God, to serve our community, and to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. "


Welcome to Westminster By-The-Sea Presbyterian Church.
We are a church for all ages with over 750 members.



Information about our Christmas Concert

On Sunday, November 29th in our sanctuary, more than 500 people were in attendance when the the Port Orange Presbyterian Church Choir and the Westminster By-The-Sea Choir, along with Stetson Instrumentalists, performed the Christmas portions of Handel's "Messiah."





WBTS Changing Lives

We'd love to hear about why YOU chose WBTS and how it's changing your life or those around you!

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Westminster By-The-Sea has been the site of thousands of beautiful weddings. Weddings are performed by one of the church ministers, and the music played by the church organist/pianist. Weddings are offered for members or non-members.  



Update on Rev. Hills

Rev. Hills now has more energy and strength! He and Mary were in church on January 17th!


Opportunities to Serve at WBTS

Click here to learn of some of the wonderful ways you can serve at Westminster by the Sea!


Travel With Us !!!


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Body, Mind, and Soul

"Westminster has had a 'Body, Mind, and Soul' Health ministry since 1997. Here Personal Trainer Lucas Porto teaches those gathered about Strength Training, Balance, and Nutrition."



The Holy Land

Our 2014 Holy Land trip was a religious pilgrimage that 33 travelers undertook in July.  Click on any of the pictures below for a larger image of some of the amazing sites on their journey, and then simply click on the "back" button of your browser to return to the gallery.




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What's Going On This Week:




Dear Friend:

Thank you for exploring Westminster By-The-Sea through its Website.  Westminster is a church chartered in 1955 by the St. John’s Presbytery and has provided Christian witness to the South Peninsula and beyond since that time.  It is an honor to have you inquire about the church.  Three ordained ministers join with a dedicated staff and willing volunteers to provide for the Administration, Christian Education, Congregational Life, Operations, Outreach, and Worship divisions of church life. 

In short, here is what we believe:

  - That the worship of God Almighty, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, is the hub of the wheel of the church.  All that we do is inspired by what we offer God in worship and what God commissions us to do in the name of Jesus.  We stand with Soren Kierkegaard in believing that in the great drama of worship, those in the congregation are actors, the pastors and choirs are the directors, and God is the audience.

– That Jesus is Lord and Savior of the world; and that the Bible is the Word of God. 

– That the church carries out two sacred acts that Jesus commanded his followers to do until he comes again: the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  In short, as our Vision statement says: we strive to be “a caring community, inspired by God, extending the hand of Christian fellowship to all, making disciples, and shining the light of Christ in our community and world; a church for all ages, honoring both old traditions, and personal walks with God.”  Come to Westminster when you are in the area.  The white colonial “church that looks like a church” will attract you to visit.  We hope and believe that the people will make you long to return. 

Faithfully yours,  Jeffrey A. Sumner, Minister

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