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Worship Services
During the months of September through May, Sunday services are held at 8:45 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. During summer months, one service is held every Sunday at 10:00. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is received the first Sunday of each month.


Prayer of Intercession

Dear God: with your Word, which is sharper than a two edged-sword, we are carving out a time and a place to be still with you. It is important to know that we are loved not because of what we do, which may make you beam, or what we don’t do, which may disappoint. But we are loved because before you formed us in the womb you knew us; and looking at our very being, you said we were good. And you were pleased. But some days we try to be too much like you: sometimes we judge others, sometimes we act as if we were the center of our own universe; and sometimes we act as if we do not need you or acknowledge you. It is on those days that we move far away from you. How much you want to be close to us; to hear the stories of our days and the adoration of our hearts. So today we pause, to be quiet, to be in your presence, and to find ourselves filled with wonder, and awe, and reverence. Then we can have a closer walk with you. It is hard to find the times or places to do that during times when we sprint through the day in faithful obedience to a calendar, a Blackberry, or a Dayplanner. Teach us how to write in times to stop; and to wait; and to listen without talking.

We pray for those whose days are filled with anxiety; whose nerves are shot, and who need to be brushed by the hem of your centering and grounding presence. For those who are hurt or in harm’s way, let a touch from an angel’s wing renew their strength and remove their affliction. Our words of praise go up for those who are being healed in wonderful ways, and for those who are safe in the arms of Jesus, arms that stretched open for us at Calvary. But in Bethlehem, hope was born and love came down. Thank you O God.

Jeffrey A. Sumner January 4, 2015


Lots of beautiful tartans were blessed this morning at the Kirkin' o' the Tartans service, January 18th, 2015!





Our ministers not only provide a sermon for the adults each week, they also create a "Children's Message" to make sure that all our guests, regardless of their age, are treated to the same message.  Click HERE to experience one of our Children's Messages ...


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Mission Statement

"Our Church exists to glorify and worship God, to serve our community, and to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. "


Welcome to Westminster By-The-Sea Presbyterian Church.
We are a church for all ages with over 750 members.




WBTS Changing Lives

We'd love to hear about why YOU chose WBTS and how it's changing your life or those around you!

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Online Member Directory

 (password protected, Church Members may contact Mary Ann Sumner for the password.)



Upcoming Events at WBTS (full listing of events!)


WBTS Scholarship applications are now being accepted!

click here for a printable application that you can then hand in to Mary Ann Sumner.


Below are a few of the highlighted upcoming events


Update on Rev. Hills

Rev. Richard Hills is continuing with oral chemotherapy and is improving. He has attended two services and a minister's meeting and we continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. 


Peninsula Hall Groundbreaking 10/19/2014

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WBTS Institute Fall 2014 Registration here!

We know that the members and friends of Westminster By-The-Sea have talents, hobbies and knowledge to
share. We know that others are eager to come together for fun, fellowship, and to learn new skills or
information. We are offering classes of various lengths, days and times for all ages. Any fees listed are merely
to cover the cost of materials for the various classes. We encourage all of you to sign up and enjoy these
opportunities and we look forward to many more of you sharing what you know in future semesters.
For more in-depth information or to register for classes contact Mary Ann Sumner at 756-2111 or at Registration forms may be found in the narthex, in fellowship hall, or on our website at Return the forms to the church and we'll get you set up to attend. Please note that some
class sizes are limited so register early. Classes are open to the community so feel free to let your friends know
about the Institute!

(click on the picture or here for the 2014 institute offerings and registration form!)



The Holy Land

Our 2014 Holy Land trip was a religious pilgrimage that 33 travelers undertook in July.  Click on any of the pictures below for a larger image of some of the amazing sites on their journey, and then simply click on the "back" button of your browser to return to the gallery.



Vacation Bible School Was GREAT !!!


Here's a look at the team that led the kids through the week of Weird Animals!


.... And Here's the entire Zoo Crew !!!!


(to see pictures throughout the week of our activities, be sure to check out our Facebook Page!




Tobias Caskey and the Friends of Francis received 15 bikes from a beachside condo to give to people in need who don't have transportation.



Graduations are in the Air !!!!

Here's a picture of our Disciple 1 graduates for 2014!



Travel With Us

On January 25th, Jeff and Mary Ann Sumner were among 21 members and friends of the church as we road in "A Touch of Class" chartered bus from the church parking lot to the Port of Miami! Once we arrived we boarded the Celebrity Reflection, still in her inaugural year! This beautiful ship was our home for 7 days of pampering and fellowship. The group enjoyed the company of one another, the delicious food, fantastic entertainment, and informative excursions. But most of all, each night we gathered to hear about what everybody did! Our 2014 Holy Land trip was a religious pilgrimage that 33 travelers undertook in July. 

Upcoming Trips (click for more details)

2015 Church Cruise (registration closed)


Special Notices:


Please Fill Out Your Member Talent Sheet and 2014 Pledge Card!

Talent Sheets can be filled out and turned in at the church or ON-LINE ... Click HERE to fill out your talent sheet online today!

Click HERE to view and print out the 2014 pledge card that can be mailed to the church or put into the offering plate!


Disaster: Where Was God?

In light of recent disasters around the world, Rev. Sumner prepared a sermon to help us all recognize and know the God that we are called to worship! Click here to read and listen to Rev. Sumner's sermon from November 17th, 2013.



Inspired Together Events


WBTS Member Talent Show was held Feb 8th...

See some of the great pictures below !!! (Click on any picture you wish to see larger!)


Talent Show 2014

Vita Fortin - Piano Solo - Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

Jeanelle Brown - Reading - An excerpt from her novel The Omega Journey Blood Moons Whisper by J. Nell Brown

Ginny, Kaitlyn, and Chrissie Kent - Piano and Song How He Loves

Randy Whitney - Harmonica

Joyce Cutts - Poetry - A Snowbird's Visit to Westminster By-The-Sea

Casey Timbs - Flute Solo - Elf Dance

Jeff and Mary Ann Sumner - Duet with Autoharp - For Baby (For Bobbie)

Cecil and Toni Rice - Comedy - A Dramatic Reading from the Twilight Sagas

Bill Cummins - Cowboy Bill - Rope Tricks and Yarn (with sidekick Ann)

Marianne Sabatka - Piano - Etude

Aubrey Osiborski - Monologues

Betty Spaulding and Kendra Cochenour - Violin and Piano

Kendra Cochenour and Betty Spaulding - Violin and Piano

Macy Stevens and Caylee Coleman - Duet - Jesus Take the Wheel

John Locke - Harmonica

Bob Wildridge - Poetry - Two Sonnets

Mike Williams and Carroll Belcher do some guitar pickin' and sing ole timey songs

Pete Zahn - Recital - The Bible Story in Five Minutes






Westminster By-The-Sea has been the site of thousands of beautiful weddings. Weddings are performed by one of the church ministers, and the music played by the church organist/pianist. Weddings are offered for members or non-members.  

Click HERE for pictures and more information.

What's Going On This Week:




Member Talent Forms can now be filled out on line.  Click HERE to fill your talent sheet out today.

Dear Friend:

Thank you for exploring Westminster By-The-Sea through its Website.  Westminster is a church chartered in 1955 by the St. John’s Presbytery and has provided Christian witness to the South Peninsula and beyond since that time.  It is an honor to have you inquire about the church.  Three ordained ministers join with a dedicated staff and willing volunteers to provide for the Administration, Christian Education, Congregational Life, Operations, Outreach, and Worship divisions of church life. 

In short, here is what we believe:

  - That the worship of God Almighty, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, is the hub of the wheel of the church.  All that we do is inspired by what we offer God in worship and what God commissions us to do in the name of Jesus.  We stand with Soren Kierkegaard in believing that in the great drama of worship, those in the congregation are actors, the pastors and choirs are the directors, and God is the audience.

– That Jesus is Lord and Savior of the world; and that the Bible is the Word of God. 

– That the church carries out two sacred acts that Jesus commanded his followers to do until he comes again: the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  In short, as our Vision statement says: we strive to be “a caring community, inspired by God, extending the hand of Christian fellowship to all, making disciples, and shining the light of Christ in our community and world; a church for all ages, honoring both old traditions, and personal walks with God.”  Come to Westminster when you are in the area.  The white colonial “church that looks like a church” will attract you to visit.  We hope and believe that the people will make you long to return. 

Faithfully yours,  Jeffrey A. Sumner, Minister

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"A picture paints a thousand words:  glimpses of our church's early years" (Windows) (Quicktime)

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